Lebenshilfe Bamberg is a German institution that helps people with disabilities find work opportunities within their workshops. Offering a wide range of positions including metal assembly, plastics processing, bicycle service, packaging and housekeeping, their employees have many options to choose the perfect job to fit their skill sets and interests. One issue that was ever present for Lebenshilfe Bamberg, was opening positions in industries that would have stable workflows. It was important to keep their employees working and to try and eliminate rapid changing conditions that many people in today’s workforce are challenged by. When Patrick Mittelberger suggested supplying roasted coffee as a venture that would have endless demand and provide a good work environment for Lebenshilfe Bamberg employees, Adesse brand roasted coffee was born.   

Since 2012, Patrick Mittelberger and Lebenshilfe Bamberg employees have been roasting coffee under the brand name Adesse at the RehaWe workshop in Bamberg Germany, providing good careers and excellent customer service for everyone involved. The word Adesse is from Latin origin, meaning “help, assist, to be present”, a perfectly titled brand name for perfectly roasted coffee. Choosing to roast coffee using the traditional conduction drum method, Patrick Mittelberger reached out to Coffee-Tech Engineering for assistance with their brand. Emphasizing the need for their employees safety and a simple, unmonitored roasting process, Coffee-Tech Engineering had the perfect roaster to facilitate their needs. The Solar Shop Roaster was engineered for just these parameters. Ideally, the design was to aid busy barista’s in a shop setting so they would not have to accompany the roaster during the entire roasting process, freeing up time to help with their customers’ needs. With the circumstances provided by Patrick, the Solar proved to be advantages for many others, as well as the busy barista.  


From weighing raw coffee to setting specified roasting parameters, roasting, quality control and packaging, the employees at Lebenshilfe Bamberg were easily able to produce a steady flow of deliciously roasted coffee independently, while maintaining quality and safety. The Solar Shop Roaster was a perfect fit for the needs of Adesse and it’s roasters. Due to the Solars consistently reproducible results, its compact design, and the ability to service all parts that require cleaning without the need for tools (due to utilization of thumb nuts and easily accessed parts), the Solar Shop Roaster met the criteria of Lebenshilfe Bamberg and Patrick’s project perfectly. Lebenshilfe Bamberg now uses 3 Solar Shop Roasters in conjunction with an additional institution (also utilizing the Solar Shop Roaster) to keep up with Adesse’s customers’ purchasing demands.     


Because Adesse prefers using single origin beans for their coffee’s (blends are produced by customer request), the adjustable profiling system on the Solar Shop Roaster makes the roasting process even more automated and precise for each batch roasted. Adesse Coffee can be ordered and shipped directly to customers (click here to see their options, or click here to order), or it can be picked up directly at their RehaWe workshop roastery in Bamberg. Patrick has ambitions to establish the Adesse brand in more retail environments, enabling them to supply more career opportunities and to set an example for other social institutions. It is important to let people know, under the correct conditions, everyone has the ability to impress and perform great measures. Coffee roasting and the coffee industry presents opportunities for everyone alike, people with all skill sets, from all walks of life. 

When asked what advice Patrick would give to start up coffee companies and new roasters in the marketplace, he said “you should offer a product that is special, in any kind of way. Which means that you should focus on a product that no one else offers, a niche product.” Perhaps searching for a way to give others a better path may also provide one guiding yourself. Patrick is also a big advocate for where and how Adesse’s raw coffee beans are sourced. When asked if there was any parting knowledge, or any requests he wanted people to hear, Patrick noted “I would be glad if people think more about what they drink, that they get an awareness of coffee and for the conditions in the countries of origin, as well as for the employees of Lebenshilfe Bamberg”. 


Thank you Patrick Mittelberger for your assistance with this article
Chris Nance / Moshav Mazliach / 28.6.2020