We take shop roasting seriously and pride ourselves in manufacturing superb shop roasters and a wide range of completing products. Our approach in designing shop roasters takes into account the end user’s perspective as well as the unique needs of small business owners who rely on our roasters in developing their business concept.

We regard the following key principles as crucial in every roaster we design and produce:

Superb Roasting Quality: shop roasters focus on unique signature blends and/or splendid single-origins for their educated clientele; to that end they should be able to easily produce the best roasted coffee, time and time again.

Manual and Automatic Operation: we offer both because we’ve found that shop roasters need both. Many of our customers rely on the automated software-based Solar for their daily roasting, others need to be able to control each and every aspect of their roast for various reasons; to that end we offer the fully manual FZ94 2.4 Kg. On both roasters we take the concept to the edge, creating an unlimited array of roasting possibilities for any business requirement and roasting tradition.

Small Footprint: look for a smaller, lighter coffee roaster and you won’t be able to find one. Running a shop roasting facility means that every inch of free space counts, and moving a 100 Lbs. roaster from one place to another is sometimes not an option. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into everything we make in order to make it as light and as small as possible.

Hassle Free: easy service, maintenance free, super easy repair (in the rare times something needs to be replaced), clean and calibrated for a lifetime. We want you to roast and roast and roast, not clean and fix and worry.