We don’t need sophisticated helpdesk software to keep track of numerous support calls, simply because we don’t have them. Our products are so reliable and everlasting that our support team is usually bored…

Being so confident in the quality of our products, we are happy to share with you some of the things people say about us. We also provide easy, straight-forward options to contact us should you need technical support or assistance – mail, phone, Skype and more. Additionally, we keep our inventory fresh and ready for shipping door-to-door at all times. To sum it up: you can remove “customer/tech-support” from your task list.

You may also want to read our support policy, have a look at our questions page or submit a ticket which will be directed to our tech-support experts. If you wish to do so, simply use the form here below; you will be contacted shortly and we will guide you through the process until all problems are solved.


Give us a call

Phone: +972 8 9254872
FAX:     +972 8 9283494
Email: international@coffee-tech.com
Address: Moshav Mazliach, 76836 Israel



From a technical and technological point of view, we build our roasters so that little or no maintenance procedures are needed. Through proper operation, service and simple maintenance periodical actions, our roasters should work flawlessly.

As with any technical device, problems might occur. In such case, please act according to the following steps:

  1. Refer to the user manual and make sure your roaster is installed and operated as described.
  2. Check for the troubleshooting tables.
  3. Contact your dealer and expect to be taken of care promptly.
  4. In case you have purchased the roaster directly from Coffee-Tech Engineering, contact us using the form here above. Most of the times, we will reply to your ticket in a very short while and no later than within 24 hours. Coffee-Tech Engineering’s representative (dealer or directly with the company) will work with you until the problem is resolved. Spare parts and technical repairs will be shipped, delivered, handled in accordance with warranty policy and under sales and service terms.