From the very beginning, Coffee-Tech Engineering has always been a technology oriented company. We strive to set new standards in coffee technology and innovation. As such, no wonder we carry the torch in many vanguard tech areas such as energy efficiency, green and clean roasting, roasting software management, drum configuration and the list goes on.

One of the unique features we incorporate in our roasters is having several thermal delivery methods in one roaster. Solar, for example, incorporates no less than four different heating methods together, in order to achieve the best thermal treatment possible.

Another area in which we invest efforts is incorporating smart and user friendly software for managing the entire roasting process. Solar, our 2 Kg roaster is an advanced, fully automated software managed roaster. Recently we’ve completed the development of new software for our commercial line of roasters – Ghibli family, ranging from 15 Kg to 90 Kg.

In addition to our shop and commercial roasters, we pay great attention to laboratory roasting equipment. For that end, we’ve created two unique versions of a copper made home roaster, bringing together tradition and technology.

We have developed a unique set of icons which accompany each of our roasters based on the technological features it relates to. The icons help to standardize and simplify the visualization of the feature sets of our products. Below you will find a short description of each of the features. Each product is accompanied by the appropriate set of icons.

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