Commercial coffee roasting is a serious business: you can’t afford to lose batch after batch due to poor roasting quality, poor cooling or inaccurate temperature readings. We believe that commercial coffee roasters should be able to offer superb roasting quality, diverse roasting profiles and to do so without you having to rob a bank.

We build our commercial coffee roasters line along the following principles:

Diverse Batch Capacity: we offer four different batch capacities – Ghibli 15 Kg, Ghibli 45 Kg,Ghibli 60 Kg and Ghibli 90 Kg.

Complete System: you don’t have to go anywhere to find a top quality Destoner, Afterburner or anything else you may need to put your roasting facility to work.

Robust and Easy to Use: load, roast, cool and repeat as many times as you need; our commercial coffee roasters can handle the hard work and deliver superb results time and again. Our control panel provides accurate temperature readings and an easy control over all features.

Green, Efficient and Safe: having a commercial coffee roaster constantly at work is a big issue when it comes to environment, energy and fire hazards. Therefore we make sure you get the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient and safe coffee roaster available on the market.