Coffee is consumed as an extract in the cup; even when sold in a bag, the real quality in which coffee is measured by is the end product in the cup – solids and aroma – not the beans.

The Roast Master’s job is to roast the beans to their full potential; roasting means thermal treatment in a very profound manner, on the very verge of burning but without crossing the line.

Creating a profile that produces the desirable flavor can prove tricky, involving almost each and every possible parameter in the machine: the burner, the drum speed and the rate of convective heat, while cooling too is a significant part of the process.

The importance of lab sessions is vital, and having a live & kicking facility is crucial if aiming towards perfection is the target. Setting the equipment in the optimal way and maximizing the beans’ potential demands a deep understanding of the process. Whether a Pro Lab roaster like the FZ94 or a direct-experience roaster like the FZ-RR-700, our lab roasters will allow you to better understand how to control the roasting process like no other machine can.

Full Control: our machines allow easy maneuvering of all roast variables – drum speed, airflow velocity and thermal behavior by its multi-point temperature readings.

Highly versatile: the design, the technology and the build components come together to form a quick-to-react system, allowing you to see immediately the impact of every change in the settings.

Quality oriented: all of Coffee-Tech’s machines are a conclusion of extensive R&D aimed at one goal – bringing the most out of the green coffee; with Coffee-Tech’s machines the result will be noticed in the cup.