Delivery Options

Delivery times (ready for pick up):
Solar, FZ-94, Avirnaki, Silos, Service Cart, FZ-RR-700: within 21 business days
Ghibli R15, Destoner, Afterburner: within 60 business days.
Ghibli 45, Ghibli 90: within 90 business days.
* Delivery times may vary due to production volume and special feature additions

Delivery methods
Solar, FZ-94, Avirnaki and accessories are shipped by air-freight (DDU), carefully packed in double-walled carton boxes with polyurethane foam cushions.
Ghibli line is shipped by sea-freight packed inside high-quality disinfected wooden shipping crates and thoroughly fastened to wooden pallets.
Certain Eastern European countries, not holding DDU services, will be handled specifically.

Shipping Procedures
Shipping follows placing an order which is conducted by our sales department. After placing an order our export department will issue you a Pro-Forma invoice for your review and approval. Once payment is received your order will enter production and, upon shipping, our office will supply you with a tracking number.

Fees and Charges
In addition to the payment you have made to Coffee-Tech you are expected to pay VAT according to your specific location and – only in cases of Solar/FZ-94/Avirnaki/Ghibli – additional charges having to do with customs clearance and other duties; these charges are usually around 200$ – 300$ USD, based on our experience with customers; these charges have nothing to do with Coffee-Tech and we cannot guarantee that you will be required to pay less or more than what is stated – we offer this information only as a kind notice to you. Upon paying these additional charges please ask for a detailed invoice and send us a copy of this invoice in order for our company to make sure you have not been charged inadequately.

Order Tracking
All orders shipped by Coffee-Tech are tracked and our export department supplies tracking numbers for each and every order – whether they are a roaster, grinder, silo and even the smallest spare ordered.

Unboxing The Machine
Upon arrival of your machine please inspect the box in order to see if any damage, due to mishandling, appears visually – this is extremely important to do before the opening of the box and is best to be performed upon the moment of delivery and in the presence of the courier.

Upon opening the box you will see the product’s user manual – read the user manual from start to finish and keep it for further reference. Inside the manual you will also find the unpacking and installation instructions.

In case of any damage detected please take these simple following steps:
Make note of the seen damage upon the form the courier will ask you to sign (proof of delivery –POD).
Take pictures of the closed box before opening and additional pictures documenting the opening of the box and revealing of the machine inside. The same should be done in case of any damage appearing on the machine itself – take a picture of the machine in the box or as soon as the damage has been detected.
Refraining from this standard procedure will prevent you from winning insurance claims that you might file for.

From the moment of ordering and payment transfer, times are: Solar, FZ-94, Avirnaki, Silos, Service Cart, FZ-RR-700: within 21 business days Ghibli R15, Destoner, Afterburner: within 60 business days Ghibli 45, Ghibli 90: within 90 business days * In case of need faster production times can be acheived
All our smaller roasters and equipment are shipped by air via UPS - for most countries around the world this usually takes around 5 days Our commercial roasters are shipped by sea which usually takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on your location
Yes - once an order is picked up from the factory our export department sends you a tracking number which shows you, in real-time, your order status
Simple - just ask for an order form to fill out; once we have your order form our export department will send you a Pro-Forma invoice for your review and approval, together with all payment terms and details.