That depends on which country you’re from. Our company is located in Israel and, therefore, is under trade agreements Israel has with other countries. If you are located in the EU, USA or any other country that has a trade agreement with Israel, you will be paying VAT only! In any case, since protocols change from country to country and from time to time, the best thing for you to do is inquire with your local authorities about costs involved in purchasing a product from our company.
* Solar, FZ-94, Avirnaki and accessories by air-freight (DDU), packed in double-walled carton boxes with polyurethane foam cushions. * Ghibli line by sea-freight packed inside high-quality disinfected wooden shipping crates and thoroughly fastened to wooden pallets. * Certain Eastern European countries, not holding DDU services, will be handled specifically.
Our company manufactures mainly coffee roasters – from 200 gram home roasters and up to 90Kg commercial roasters. We also manufacture espresso machines – from one-group machines that can be used at home and up to six-group machines, used in the busiest coffee chains around. Our machines are… In addition to the above, we manufacture various coffee accessories – coffee silos, tampers and more.
Yes – many of our customers roast materials other than coffee like cocoa. Our shop roasters can even be fitted with a frequency inverter for controlling drum speed – a sometimes important feature when it comes to roasting other materials than coffee.
An Afterburner is a system used to eliminate (burn) smoke and odor coming from the coffee roasters’ exhaust system.
There is no definite answer to this question; this depends on where you are roasting and what your surroundings are. If, for example, you are roasting in a residential area, most probably you will need an afterburner (or the Avirnaki system if you are using a shop roaster). The need for an afterburner depends on many factors that vary from one country to another and sometimes even from one city to another – neighbors, local regulations, licensing etc. The best thing to do is inquire with your local authorities regarding your roasting facility plans.
During the processing of coffee, in producing countries, various foreign materials find their way into the green coffee bags – stones, metal objects, glass and more. These objects, if not removed, can bring serious harm to equipment such as grinders. A De-Stoner is the machine that pneumatically removes these foreign objects from the roasted coffee and drops them into a sieve. Our De-Stoner also comes with a frequency inverter that allows the user to adjust the airflow according to the coffee variety or roast degree.
The most preferable configuration is a straight up duct (chimney), through the roof and free to the atmosphere. Side ducting is also possible but, if used, should follow some fundamental principles – contact us for further advice. The best material for ducting is double-walled stainless steel
In the Solar shop roaster cooling is performed inside the drum for best efficiency. In the FZ-94 pro-lab roaster and Ghibli line of commercial roasters cooling takes 3 minutes and less.
The Solar shop roaster was designed and manufactured explicitly for those who wish to roast their own coffee and do not possess any former experience or vast knowledge about coffee roasting. This is why we defined it “fully-automatic”. Using the user manual is the only requirement! The FZ-94 and Ghibli line of commercial roasters require a higher level of roasting knowledge. This can be acquired by attending training sessions at our factory, at our distributors worldwide or various coffee academies and training centers using our equipment.
We provide customer service and product support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via telephone, email and Skype. In general, all inquiries and contacts are responded to within 24 hours with our full attention and care. In some countries, our distributors also provide these services.
Our complete line of machines has a one year warranty for all components and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
Our company does not sell second-hand machines or demo units.
In order to achieve continuous roasting, both of these shop roasters have an in-drum cooling system as well as an outer cooling tray. With small batches and efficient in-drum cooling, there is no logical reason for agitation blades.
Believe it or not – quieter than a typical microwave oven!
The Avirnaki is best suited to the small-capacity roasters we manufacture although they can also be applied to many other roasters as well. For inquiries, please contact us with the details of the roaster you possess.