Sometimes, when we stop and look back at our achievements – the way we’ve come since the first machine, the first export…. all far and away by now – we find that one thing lasts for good, and that’s the large family that we’ve gained; being blessed to meet such wonderful folks, to work with them, to learn from them, to teach them and to be a small part of their way to success.

No wonder. The thing we like the most about our work is the interaction with people, from all kinds of cultures all around the world; to learn about their life, to present our beautiful country and our tradition, to have the chance to talk about our work, face to face, right before lunch.

Our country holds a world renowned reputation for producing high-end technology devices in many fields – from aircraft to agriculture, medicine and computers – and we are humbly happy to continue the list as coffee roasting machine manufacturers; it’s a dedication and an obligation and we will never choose to rest on our laurels.

One of the most motivating things in our advances in technology and design is the respect we feel for our competitors, same as we respect our customers and know that they have other choices. Our job is to create clear advantages towards the most important thing – the quality in the cup. Carefully and modestly, we stay aware and alert, constantly working to come up with solutions to new market needs and to strive to be nothing but the best in everything we do.

What really stands well for us all these years is the way we treat our customers – everyone is an entire world of life, everyone is important and everyone deserves our attention when they really need it, whether they are opening their first coffee business in life or a high rolling roastery with some need for advice. We never approach people as a target, we take nothing for granted, we love our work, and we thank all our friends/customers for the trust and the support – we wouldn’t be here without you.

Avi Katz, founder, is a proud owner of a Ghibli R-15 Commercial Roaster located inside the Katz Coffee interactive showroom and ZenBar, Houston, TX.Katz Coffee, est. 2003, specializes in small-batch, custom roasting of the finest coffees from around the world. Katz serves some of Texas’ most highly-acclaimed and discriminating chefs, restaurants, and coffeehouse owners.
Working with Coffee-Tech family was just as easy as it could be and magic when it comes to roasting coffee, technical support with Coffee-Tech Ram will reply in the middle of the night just to have a sense of professionalism and care they put to their products...We have the solar and Avirnaki for the last 6 months and we ordered another one and plan to jump to the Silon ZR7 next year. This is how much we love their technologies and feel ...Coffee-Tech is coffee clever to us. Aloha 
I received the FZ94 Pro Lab together with the Avirnaki Smoke Free Filter in August 2016. The machines are both beautiful and extremely easy to set up. The unpack and setup instructions were very clear, although there's really not a lot of instructions needed both because Coffee Tech have built the machines so completely and also because the integration between them is intuitive. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have the new machines, Yotam. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that you gave to me. I'll be extremely happy to tell about my experience with Coffee-Tech whenever I can.
I’ve had an FZ-94 Lab Roaster since 2015. It is primarily used to roast green coffee samples ranging in size anywhere from smallest batch and up to full batch. Being able to hook it up to Artisan made this a very powerful tool and thanks to the excellent, friendly and always on-point customer service Coffee-Tech Engineering provides I have been able to easily upgrade the interface between the Artisan software and my FZ94 over the past year. With linearly variable drum speed and airflow and being able to control three heating elements independently, this is for me the most versatile 2kg roaster available today. I would most certainly buy it again if I’d be in the same situation I was in 1 ½ years ago!
I own a solar and and a Ghibli R15 and am really happy. I roast every time the same espresso quality – full bodied, full aromatic and fresh daily. It took me 6 Years of research to find this great company and machines. To show the variety of the coffee world i hold 3 Six-Grinders from Coffee-Tech so that my customers can taste 18 different coffees freshly ground. My customers are really happy with the aromas and freshness.
Coffee tech has been wonderful to work with, their before sales help is great and their after sale assistance is great, always responsive and helpful. I would definitely consider the roaster and I know I will buy again from them if I need more.
I have two Solar’s (2kg) a black and steel one and a white one. I love them. its fun doing business with people like you, there is always a solution, quick and effective service.
I have been trying out my new Solar over the past two days. The unit is beautiful and I am amazed at the Avirnaki unit. It's a truly ingenious piece of equipment. We are using it at our new store on Sanibel Island, Florida. The Solar is nicely updated from my 5 year old unit that we still us in our Fort Myers shop
"The FZ-94 paired with the Avirnaki is an obvious and the only choice for us at Tangram Creamery, Vancouver, Canada. This combination from Coffee Tech Engineering allows indoor shop roasting that doesn't require expensive and extensive duct works. What's also unique about the FZ-94 is the factory installed couple of frequency drives and the 3 PID temperature controllers. These unique features for this size of roaster made scope-monitored roasting easy, intuitive and affordable."
Having worked with roasters for over 15 years I looked long and hard at purchasing a machine to start my own business. Reliability, quality of workmanship, service, customers relations were all paramount.I need not of worried Dan and the team excel above and beyond the call of duty. The machines are robust easy to use and offer fantastic results while combining technology with coffee knowledge unparalleled. At present I have purchased two machines with another on the way, I look forward to a close and successful relationship with the Coffee-Tech team going forward.
I received my FZ-94 2 days earlier than expected. It was packaged well and arrived in 100% condition. It looks very good. The machine is built very well, It is very solid. I really want to thank you and the Coffee Tech business for making my dream come true. I want to thank you all for great support and communication throughout the purchase process. It has really been easy to deal with you guys.
Love our Ghibli and our Solar at Ethos! We feature our roasters extensively on our social media (IG/FB: @ethosroasters - our landing FB page has a video with the Ghibli). One of the things we love about both is the consistency of the roast - which is key to our brand promise. We had just the Solar for the 2 first years of the business and were so impressed with the customer support that we decided to buy from CoffeeTech again - I don't think there's better endorsement than that!