Coffee Consulate is a European information and training center devoted to the fascination of coffee
Mannheim, Germany
Courses and equipment for the specialty coffee field
Triesen, Liechtenstein
Suppliers of professional equipment for the specialty coffee business
Prague, Czech republic
Coffee & Spirit offers a variety of training courses on cultivation and origin, different types of brewing method and Latte Art.
Leck, Germany
Webaroast is the all-inclusive package for a complete solution for roasting two kilograms of specialty coffee without smoke and without a Roast Master
Coffee business experts from production to consumption. Expert consultants in business development to launch, create and mount cafes
Mexico City, Mexico
MUMAC Academy is the Academy of Coffee Machines, where training and meeting for coffee lovers and professionals of the coffee industry takes place.
Milano, Italy
Coffee Lovers Editors & Trainers obtain Coffee Education and training for professional roasters, professional Barista, coffee chains and 5 star hotels.
Athens, Greece.
SCAA & CQI certified instruction with Mané Alves
Vermont, USA
Training and consulting company, supplying high quality training in all the coffee chain, from seed to cup.
Lisbon, Portugal
Coffee roasting specialists and South Africa’s first solar coffee roastery
Somerset, South Africa
Coffee Education and training for professional roasters, professional Barista, coffee chains and 5 star hotels.
Nicosia, Cyprus
Bella Barista UK coffee roaster and retailer of espresso machines, roasting machines, coffee grinders, cafe supplies and barista tools
Your professional consultant to accompany you in your coffee business. 100% attentive to find the ideal solution to open a roastery, coffee shop, tea house, or a restaurant.
Melun, France
Independent coffee quality experts. Specialize in analysis and evaluation of green coffee, and roasted coffee products. Performs coffee blends development, and training for the coffee professions.
Cham, Switzerland
Revolution Roasters are on a mission to maximize coffee quality and sustainability. Roast your own beautiful coffee. Build better business.
Melbourne Australia
Award winning international coffee company based in Auckland New Zealand. Cooperates with coffee farms and green beans traders to select the finest beans.
Auckland, NZ
Internationally certified sensory team specialized in Coffee, Tea & Technologies with SCAA Certified Teaching Labs in China
China & Hong Kong
The Coffee Store offers unique lots and coffee house blends from Brazil, India and Mexico as coffee or espresso roast
Mannheim, Germany
Kofca academy stands for Cafe academy and is a center for organization, information and training in coffee
Bocholt, Belgium
SHB Caffé
SHB Caffé has 25 years of experience in all aspects of the coffee chain from producing to roasting. They teach and offer tailor-made consulting to specialty coffee businesses as well as distributing the highest tech equipment available.
Barcelona, Spain
La Motofeca
Specialty Coffee Roastery, and roaster distributor based in Argentina.
Buenos Aires, Argentina