Coffee-Tech’s Silon ZR-7 was awarded Best New Roaster by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe at the 2016 World of Coffee event hosted in Dublin. World of Coffee is a yearly trade show dedicated to professionals and aficionados of specialty coffee. The 2016 event drew in thousands of visitors and 258 exhibiting companies from 81 countries, not to mention over 10,000 cups of coffee poured.

Silon’s win featured in a segment published in the January 2017 issue of Coffee and Cocoa International, a UK-based independent professional magazine dedicated to “two of the world’s most important commodities,” or, should we say, two of the world’s most delicious addictions.


The award illustrates Silon ZR-7’s unique profile as a shop roaster. Silon ZR-7 stands out with not one but three drum setups: the Vortex Drum, the Infrared Drum, and the Thermodynamic Drum.

The Vortex Drum is made of solid mild steel. Unlike standard drum setups, air flows through a spiral duct (not linear!). Such configuration ensures more efficient heat transfer and chaff evacuation. Roasting is made possible with direct, limited contact between metal and bean – a safe yet daring form of heat conduction.

The Infrared Drum is made of two separate layers of perforated mild steel, which allows infrared radiation to penetrate through. The Infrared Drum is a perfect match for Coffee-Tech’s high-frequency infrared burner.

The Thermodynamic Drum is made of two layers of mild steel with a middle layer of pure copper. The middle layer creates a 1.4 mm gap between the heated outer layer and the beans. This original Coffee-Tech design ensures conductive heat transfer without the risk of burn marks.

Each drum set-up represents a unique conductive / convective heat pathway. Such drum specificity captures Coffee-Tech’s visionary approach towards heat transfer. It is science and the art of roasting combined.

We are not surprised the Mexican Café Etrusca, a leader of specialty coffee training across Latin America, chose the Silon ZR-7, among other Coffee-Tech roasters, for its professional workshops and certification programs.

PS: If you ever make it to Ioannina, Greece, check out Oasis Café operated by Motley Coffee Roasters — a chocolaterie, gelaterie, patisserie, and roasterie now showcasing the Silon ZR-7.