We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). For the last-minute planners among you, the expo will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA, on April 21-23, 2017.

Coffee-Tech will have coffee roasting equipment on location for you to poke around: the FZ-94 Lab Roaster featuring Artisan and the Avirnaki, our smoke elimination system for indoor roasting. We initially designed the FZ-94 for our R&D department. We saw such good results that we eventually decided to go commercial.
SCA Expo 2017

The FZ-94 Lab Roaster is a perfect match for Artisan – a free, open-source software application. Used in conjunction with three PID controllers (exhaust air temp, bean temp, drum heat limit) and two frequency drive controllers (airflow, drum speed), Artisan monitors, logs, and analyzes roast data, while allowing digital manipulation of airflow and drum speed. Yup, digital and analogue is what we are about.

As for members of Coffee-Tech, you will find us at Booth 2333. We will be roasting daily, 12-1pm, on our FZ-94 Lab Roaster. If you would like to schedule a meeting in advance, just shoot us an email. In short, don’t be a stranger, come say hello!


Back in January 2017, the American SCAA and European SCAE joined forces to become SCA: a global coffee organization dedicated to the open sharing of knowledge. Together, SCA encompasses all contributors along the coffee value chain. SCA is introducing international cooperation under a single umbrella to carry on the torch on sustainability and fair-trade.

Last year, the Global Specialty Coffee Expo drew in 11,000 attendees and exhibitors (a third from outside the US). This year, we can only imagine it getting bigger and even more exciting. In addition to manufacturers, roasters, farmers, baristas, and more, there will be Pathway classes, science poster sessions, and a Tech pavilion for the geek-inclined. Craft beer and specialty coffee enthusiasts will get together at the hipster bacchanalia, aka Uppers & Downers.