Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, Roastology Coffee owner Dan Allen has started a local movement educating people on different methods of preparing and understanding the process of turning a raw coffee bean into a delicious cup of coffee. “Coffee roasting is more than heating the beans until they’re done, there’s a science behind how you roast it and then brew it”. Educating his community with the knowledge he has acquired over many years of study, Dan and  Roastology Coffee have been improving the quality of their industry within the Richmond marketplace since opening in 2012.

With ambitions to create a larger presence, Dan and Roastology Coffee are taking the initiative to experiment, document, and teach what they have learned to the public. Commercial or private interest, Roastology has opened its doors to coffee lovers of all kinds. Whether it is cupping, equipment repair, or roasting classes, they have initiated an effort to enrich the coffee experience within their community.

Utilizing compact, low emission Coffee-Tech Engineering roasters such as a Ghibli R15, a Ghibli R30, and an FZ94 sample roaster, Roastology has the ability to consistently roast hundreds of kilograms of raw coffee beans to perfection daily. With this ability comes the opportunity to increase their wholesale services through grocery stores, city markets, and private label roasting. Their approach to small batch roasting emphasizes their commitment to a taste that is sweet and well balanced. Reliable, flexible and consistent roasting abilities are important to any roastery, especially one with such desired perfection as Roastology Coffee.



Already established and acknowledged as a reputable company within the coffee industry, Roastology felt it was a perfect time to expand and increase their production volume. Complimenting their new their new 4,500 square foot premises the increase in production is invited. Accompanying their new grounds lies a beautifully designed cafe and kitchen that may just offer the best cup of coffee in Virginia. So if you are ever in Richmond, and have an appreciation for coffee and the science of creating a perfect cup, stop by Roastology at 2701 W. Cary St and treat yourself to a delicious experience. If you will not be near Richmond any time soon but still want to try one of their delicious blends, you can order a bag of their special roasts from their website and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

If you would like to know more about Roastology Coffee, we suggest reading this article published by Daily Coffee News or visit their web-page and reach out to them directly.


Photography by: Julia Thomas

Chris Nance / Moshav Mazliach / 10.2.2020