On a quiet street corner in Burlington, Vermont rests a beautiful glass covered coffee shop with “Social Revolution” on the sign. With a modern style, that still feels like your favorite diner, Perky Planet is the brain child of Richard and Christine Vaughn. After visiting a coffee shop in Wilmington, North Carolina that employed people with special needs called Bitty and Beau’s, the Vaughn’s were impressed and compelled with the idea. Christine at the time was pursuing her masters in special education and Richard was wanting to start his own venture after spending 17 years in the software industry. Though a person with special needs can do well in their school work, it is often challenging to find meaningful, consistent work that one can feel pride and personal growth in.

After a spinal cord injury in 2012, Richard knew the challenges people could face due to a disability. After seeing Bitty and Beau’s, and his desire to enter an industry that facilitates people getting to know each other, he was compelled to take action. Richard knew that he was able to help others and accomplish his goals at the same time. In an industry that innately brings people together, Richard was able to employ people with special needs, and create an environment that focuses as much on the customer as it does the product. Perky Planet has amazing reviews and a wealth of customers who enjoy visiting the coffee shop.


Perky Planet is one of many businesses taking a proactive approach for inspirational and lasting social changes in today’s job market. Trust in people, give them opportunities, and let them impress you. Richard and his crew can roast, grind, tamp, pull, and serve coffee as well as any other coffee shop. The difference is, the process is built around the people, customers as well as employees.

Using Coffee-Tech Engineering’s Solar Shop Roaster, Richard and his crew are able to easily roast as much coffee as they require to supply their shop and online sales. The automation of the roaster as well as some of the other coffee equipment in Perky Planet, allows for everyone to safely accomplish tasks with little attention required to anything but their customers. Perhaps this is why every patron of Perky Planet leaves with a perfect drink and a smile, people come first at Perky Planet.

2020 has been a rough year for us all. Since the public has been asked to stay at home and businesses have not been able to operate out of safety concerns over the global pandemic. Richard and his crew have relied on internet sales to stay operational. If you have a moment, and you enjoy a great coffee roast quality, please visit Perky Planets website and choose from one of their delicious single origin roasts (usually Ethiopian or Rwandan) or the Perky Planet signature blend. Order Here


Thank you Richard Vaughn for your assistance and inspiration
Chris Nance / Moshav Mazliach / 18.6.2020