At Coffee-Tech, we manufacture high-end artisanal coffee roasters and coffee roasting equipment for the specialty coffee industry. Over the years, we have developed a unique philosophy of coffee roasting. This is a great opportunity to share it with you coffee specialists and enthusiasts.

The process of finding the right technology can be long and hard. Sometimes it feels as if we are fighting (the coffee) demons, but we never give up on a good idea. Even when it means tinkering with antique coffee roasters for inspiration, as long as it serves the ultimate goal: a great roast.

101 for coffee roasters - our new blog


We are launching our blog to share our story. It is a story about relentless research and fine-tuned expertise, but also about meeting passionate coffee people from all over the world. It involves working with roasteries and roasters, who offer us their unique vision, and travelling to international expos and hubs of coffee knowledge.

We invite you to enjoy the read, to be informed but also to inform. We believe knowledge works best when it flows in both directions. We would love to hear back from you, your roasting experience and roasting challenges. We invite you to spread the knowledge and join the fun.