Founder of Coffee Lab International, Mane travels extensively to coffee-producing countries throughout Central America, South America, Africa, & Asia where he conducts calibrations tests, speaks & teaches seminars on coffee production & quality standards, and offers Q Grader courses. As a certified Q Instructor as well as an International Coffee Tasting Judge, Mané’s reputation as a distinguished cupper & instructor is unparalleled.

Mane, a member of CQI since its inception & a past director of SCAA’s Technical Standards Committee, founded CLI’s sister companies: Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, a micro coffee roaster, in 2001, and CLI’s School of Coffee in 2004.
Since 1995, Coffee Lab International has actively supported all facets of the coffee industry through research & development, education, quality analysis, quality assurance, quality improvement, and laboratory services.
CLI is an independent lab and an official SCAA Campus specializing in the physical & sensorial evaluation of coffee.

The beauty of CLI’s School of Coffee is that our two sister companies, Coffee Lab International and Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, Co. are housed under one roof offering both lab equipment for testing protocols and a myriad of coffee roasters upon which students can learn hands-on how to roast. Their roastery includes the Ghibli R-15 and a Ghibli R-15 wood roasters.