Sense of Coffee tests and describes green and roasted coffees for exporters, trading houses, roasters, marketing and research & development according to specific attributes. FZ-94 Lab roaster is our tool in the laboratory for research and quality control.
Since 2012 Owner, Sense of Coffee GmbH, CH-Cham. Since 2007 Group Manager Green Coffee Quality, Strauss Commodities AG, CH-Zug.Manager Green Coffee and Cocoa Quality Global, Taloca AG, CH-Zug. Manager Green Coffee Quality & Blending, Kraft Jacobs Suchard GmbH & Co. KG, D-Bremen. Manager Quality Assurance/Green Coffee Quality Assurance, Blending, Green Coffee Storage, Roasting and Grinding Dept., Berolina Kaffeerösterei GmbH & Co. KG, D-Berlin. Manager Quality Assurance/Manager Green Coffee-, Blending and Finished Product Quality, Union Kaffeerösterei GmbH & Co., D-Hamburg. Green Coffee Quality Controller, Bernhard Rothfos KGaA., D-Hamburg. Apprenticeship Import and Export Salesman Theodor Wille & Co., D-Hamburg.