Coffee Source is a Czech company engaged in the preparation and sale of coffee. Coffee Source was founded in 2003, when we, the current owners, after the frustration caused by the lack of good coffee in Bohemia, started our coffee shop and import of coffee from a small Italian roaster. We soon discovered that coffee imported from Italy is not what would be satisfying us. Already in 2005 we started selling freshly brewed coffee. In the beginning, we roasted coffee with local roaster.
The logical move was to buy our own equipment to roast coffee. We started our private roasterie in 2007 with Coffee-tech Engineering shop roaster the Solar, since then, we have full control over the process of coffee production. Since the demand was increasing after one year we started roasting with the Ghibli R-15 commercial roaster; today as the company is constantly growing we are roasting on a Ghibli R-45 by Coffee-tech and also using the FZ-94 as our quality control and lab roaster. We operate our own cafe “Coffee House Prague” on French streets, where anyone can taste the results of our efforts. The business includes e-shop, from which you can order from the comfort of home coffee at will. We are dedicated to personnel training cafés and restaurants. We even stood at the birth of many microroasterie which we supplied not only roasting equipment, but also contributed Council. In short, from the beginning we wanted to make the best coffee for the people and we are doing everything possible to satisfy them in the future. Coffee Source was and will be a source of high-quality coffee and the latest technology for its preparation.