One Roaster, Triple Innovation, Multiple Benefits

Make it your own – The Most advanced 30 kg coffee roaster available

Ceramic Chamber

Maximized Efficiency

Save energy with our sealed ceramic combustion chamber, minimizing gas consumption and boosting your roasters effectiveness

Green and Safe

Be reassured of zero emissions in user ambiance, using technology that puts fuel efficiency and green standards first


Top Quality Profiles

Benefit from our next-frontier, the Vortex T04 drum develops enriched solid coffee properties, richer aromas, and a superb cup profile

Get your edge with the Ghibli R30 advantage


The Ghibli R30 Commercial Roaster is the most advanced commercial roaster on the market. Innovative in multiple ways that work in sync to the strongest standards. It’s cost effective, safe, and puts control over profiles in your hands. Expand your possibilities, it’s time to grow.

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